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Interview with Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber
Kép forrása: iloveJB123

Q: Are you happy with you life?

Justin: Yes, I am. I am happy with my life and career. Well, I went through a period of not being happy, but I am happy right now. But you are looking at me and making me feel like I am not happy so.

Q: You go from one interview from another. You have body guards. I mean you have an extraordinary life which must put you on a huge pressure.

Justin: For sure, yeah. There's times where I am just like this is a lot, I just wanna go home, I am so exhausted and so tired, but I just also remember what I want in life and what I am striving for. I am striving for the best career possible to have the most people to be able to listen to my music and be touched by my music so you gotta do the other stuff that not necessarily what you love but it goes along with everything else.

Q: You are very good to your fans, but your fans are not always that good to you.

Justin: Well, it's just sometimes they don't understand how to approach me and they just get so excited but they're getting better for sure. I try to let them what bothers me what doesn't bother me so they can have that in the back of the head when they are coming and approaching me. So I am kind of training them.

Q: I want to talk about trouble, because you've been in trouble. How did you find yourself in so much trouble? Did you find the trouble or did the trouble find you?

Justin: I think I wasn't really in that much trouble. I think people blew it way out of proportion and made it seem like it was something that wasn't. I think certain things were definitely wrong and things I look back and I'm not really proud of  but I don't think I was a bad person. I stayed with my family for Christmas every year and maintain relationships, but it's just like when I was brought into this life style I really had no way of knowing how to handle everything, so certain things kind of threw me off and people threw me off and I had people who I trusted really break my trust so it kind of changed my perception of how I viewed people. So I'd step in situations and immediately think that they have other preconcieved notions or have other things going on with them and I am just like I distance myself so that made it seem like I was being a jerk, which was only a defense mechanism for myself and to proctect me and protect my heart. But finally I have a place where I've got so many people supporting me and loving me through it all that my whole perception has changed and I am able to step into situations unfazed and even if they are thinking that it is not gonna change the way I view people.

Q: Do you know what does it mean to be lonely?

Justin: Yes, for sure. I think people would never guess that artists like myslef, we would never feel lonely with all the things and people around us, but a lot of this is really surfacy and there is no depth to those relationships. So you just end up feeling like “wooow, I am connecting but I am not feeling what what I want to feel. That's where I ended up I was just in a place where I was searching because I felt like people weren't what I needed them to be for me. So now I am really surrounded by really cool people who are for me and I can really connect with so I am in the best place ever. 

Q: Being a huge celebrity could make you feel toxicated sometimes. Do you think you could really walk away from it?

Justin: I just love music so much. For me it was all about the music. Even through that terrible time in  my life, I learned so much about my artistic, creative side and I might have been in a weird place but every night I was going to the studio, every night I was working on what I loved and it showed on this album.  You know I had another number one single and this is all hard work that I put in. I didn't go to any super producers to ask them to write me some smashes, because I am coming back. I literally worked on what I thought it was unique to me and I ran with it and people are gravitating toward that. I think if I hadn't have spent that time with doing what I loved, you know stopped doing what I loved just listened to everybody, I could've just hit in a studio and grinded it out. But I kind of stepped away from the spotlight.

1) Justin Bieber is
striving for to please his fans and have the most people to love his music.stressed and exhausted of dealing with things he doesn't necessarily love to do.unhappy with his life because he is under a lot of pressure.
2) Justin
gets into lot's of trouble because he is unable to handle everything.doesn't really trust anyone since he was brought into this selecting who to trust and who to stay friends with.
3) According to Justin
he is in the best place surrounded by real friends.famous people never feel lonely because they are always surrounded with people.his relationships are merely surfacy and he is feeling lonely.
4) Justin's fans
don't know how to approach him.are learning how to approach their beloved star.cannot learn how to approach him, and it really bothers the superstar.
5) Walking away from fame
is a very hard work for Justin.let the singer to reinvent himself and do what he loved to do.

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