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The New Year is slowly approacing and we tend to indulge in retrospection and reevaluating our life choices. "From next year I will give up smoking." "I will be nicer to people". I will practise English more from January." These resolutions mean perfect opportunities for all those who had failed to start making something that would change their lives and perhaps next year they will really do it. But, do we stick to our resolutions? Well, most of us just fall into procastrinating, but we can give you some advice not to fall into that trap again.

Don't just say it, do it! For some people it is easy to quit smoking, but for most people it is hard and seems nearly impossible. The best method could be for giving up smoking is doing it step by step. Try smoking less day by day and shortly you will realize that you don't even need it. You need time and patience to get over your addiction.

Well changing a whole attitude won't happen in one day either. My adivce is that you shall start being good to youself first than others. If you live in harmony and found that inner peace, you will be able to start loving others too. But don't overdo it! Being nice doesn't mean being pushy. Sometimes a simple smile, small gestures like opening the door, showing interest towards someone you like, would do the job.

Learning a new language is never easy. But it isn't hard because it is complicated, it just requires practise. You have to be determined to reach your purpose. Learn new words everyday. Start reading a book written in English. Do one English grammar exercise each day. Do more you work with the language the more you will know it.

whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, you like being in the center of attention or hide and just observe people from a distance, meeting new people gives you the chance to develop skills are matter in social life. Tons of apps and websites offer you the oppportunity to meet new people. Although making friends or dating online sometimes can give you a headache, you still have a bigger chance not to stay alone the end of day.

This is the top New Year's resulution among all. Lot's of people have weight troubles. Procastrinating doing exercises to get fitter might be a good idea ONLY if you do it because of the Christmas holiday and you don't want to say NO to roast turkey and christmas cookies.


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